About Us

One World Tree Planting is a peer-to-peer network of practical climate activists.

Next to advocating climate justice and raising awareness about climate change, our members are engaged in planting trees with local communities, training smallholder farmers in agroforestry, restoring natural ecosysems, waste recycling and the development and promotion of clean affordable energy.

Our mission:

“Establishing a peer-to-peer Climate Action Fund & Support Network to help launch small climate action start-ups across the world.”

Inspired by the Rainbow Warriors and the African Ubuntu philosophy we acknowledge that in order to grow as humanity we should work as one: “Everyone can contribute with their own talents.

Our activities:

1. Supporting activities for local climate action start-ups in fundraising, project planning and implementation.
2. Networking and connecting projects with local, national and international organisations and businesses to create synergies.
3. Capacity building and training to help transition our non-profit projects towards triple bottom line social businesses, i.e. businesses that are focused on social & environmental impact while become financially sustainable.

We started with four green projects in Uganda, but we’re looking forward to grow worldwide including projects from befriended practical climate activists from India, Pakistan, Ghana, Zambia, Tanzania, Indonesia, Mali & the Philippines.

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