Get involved

Strengthen our team

One World Tree Plating is looking for volunteers to help scale up our efforts and
grow towards a peer-to-peer support network for environmental conservation and
climate adaptation.

How can you get involved?

1. By keeping our stories alive on Social Media with digital storytelling & updates on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, …

2. By actively giving or seeking support to help the project grow in how to attract funding, establishing a social business model, sharing expertise on ecosystem restoration techniques, …

3. By connecting small projects with each other and with other movements that fight for nature, and thereby creating synergies.

4. By setting up online meetings around a specific theme to exchange experiences and create mutual support.

5. By building up strategies to grow as a platform.

Want to join build a global movement of practical activists that restore our planet?

Leave us a message via the contact button, email or via the message button on our Facebook page.

Follow us via #OneWorldTreePlanting on Facebook , Instagram & Twitter

Thank you ! Weebale nyo !

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