Our projects

1. Plant a Tree Plant Hope campaign
by Asiimwe Mourine – Miss Conservation Kigezi 2019/20

This campaign is meant to fight the current ecological crisis and global warming through
creating public awareness on the importance of planting trees.
The main target is to plant 50,000 indigenous trees in the Kigezi Region in south
western Uganda. This region is heavily affected by disasters as a result of climate
change. The first aim is to minimize this risk natural disasters & restore #biodiversity in the Kigezi Region.

2. Design for Electrical Automatic Regeneration System (DEARS)
by Green Investment activist Ronald Onyang & Leslie Peter Omara

DEARS is an idea for a unique source of clean and affordable electrical energy generated
by two Ugandan youth. It’s intended to provide clean and affordable electrical energy
for all Ugandans and the world at large.
Whereas many trees are cut and burned to provide household energy, this project aims
at reducing these practices.

3. Stay Green
Community Based Organisation for conservation and environmental education
by Ronald Mutabazi

Stay Green received approval for 10.000 seedlings to plant trees for their “Greening My
School 2020 Project” in Mubende district in Uganda. Stay Green will plant the seedlings
in school compounds of primary and secondary schools in Mubende district.
But why work with schools?
As Ronald states: “We believe that students are the new generation, so we work with
the schools to educate them about nature and advocate for climate justice.
We plant species that can last for long, like opinus oocarp, afzeria Africa, Maesopsis
eminii and cardia Africa.” Stay Green conducts AIDS counseling, climate activism,
environmental conservation, including soil and water conservation, waste management
and engages in environmental training for kids in their local community.

4. Go Green Campaign
in the West Nile region in Northern Uganda
by Aldo Adomati

The Go Green Campaign is set up as a call on environmental conservation. This initiative
is driven based on the current state of forest depletion and environmental degradation
brought about by man’s activities on the environment.
Through this project, we aim at targeting the various communities in the west Nile
region of Northern Uganda which also hosts thousands of refugees from South Sudan
and DR Congo.
The campaign will us a community participatory approach were we at Global Peace
Chain Uganda chapter organise Tree Planting events in the community.
A lot of attention will be given to Training of Trainers (TOT). This is an approach that
will engulf training of selected farmers on agroforestry and the importance of tree
planting. These selected farmers would in turn be Trainers and model farmers. This is an
effective approach since it enables the continuity of the project.

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