One World Tree Planting

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One World Tree Planting:Peer-to-peer Climate Action Fund & Support Network

The last months #OneWorldTreePlanting has successfully fundraised a cargobike and solar panels for Stay Green in Uganda.  Teaming up with practical climate activists from Uganda, we decided to raise the bar. Our mission: Establishing a voluntary Peer-to-peer Climate Action Fund…

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Practical Activists Wanted

Do you feel the that #climate #change & the loss of #biodiversity severely threaten our very existence? Do you agree we can turn the tide & create a green future for our children? Are you willing to step out of…

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Call Let-it-Grow Campaign

2020 has already put us to the test: climate change, the destruction of earth’s biodiversity, COVID19, #BlackLivesMatter are raging throughout the world. And for a good reason. It learns us that the ways we treat eachother and our environment are…

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Help Stay Green plant 10.000 Trees in Uganda

Meet Ronald Mutabazi, a young environmental hero from Uganda. Ronald decided to become a climate activist back in 2013 after experiencing the effects of seasonal change, i.e. prolonged droughts and floods, on the farmers in his community.As a young single father…

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The Great Green Pacific Wall

The #GreatGreenWall in Africa is one of the most amazing endeavours in pushing back desertification in the Sahel region. Why not build a momentum around a #Great GreenPacificWall: a wall of #mangroves surrounding the Philippines and Pacific Islands as protection…

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