The Go Green Campaign

Launched as of August 2021, the Go Green Campaign an environmental conservation campaign aimed at conserving the environment through tree planting activities under the model farmer approach.

As of September 2022, the campaign was able to plant 41,623 trees in and around West Nile Region.

The model farmer approach made the campaign a success as the selected farmers were able to offer their land for planting the trees and become model farmers practicing agro forestry.

The model farmers were therefore focused as the propagators to the communities they lived in were they are to model community members to impress agro forestry as a core to climate change.

Based on the July 2022 field monitoring report, the trees planted by the model farmers had established well in the field though some few refiling needed to be done upon which we have been communicating to the model farmers for more planting plans (See Monitoring photo files for the pictures).

With the funding received from One World Tree Planting and kind support from partners in Uganda ranging from Dan Church Aid (DCA) West Nile Office, Feminature Uganda and government institution of Uganda National Forest Authority, the campaign was able to be a success and still continues to yield more results.

The Youth Empowerment through Agriculture – YEA Project:

As a follow up to the Go Green project, the YEA project concept was develop to actualize the field based reports and findings of the model farmers who had become the true propagators of the project ideas.

YEA looked much into how the Model farmers could be full scale agro forester. Based on the need to expand the direct project reach, the project aimed at forming farmer groups as the main drive for the project idea.

The groups were to be spear headed by the model farmers as such, the project was able to engage four farmer groups during its pilot stage as of October 2021. With kind support from Preet foundation, we were able to receive kind donation of Okra Seedlings and supplied to the model farmers and the groups they had formed so as to be agro foresters (Growing Trees alongside okra).

With blessings from One World Tree Planting as of August 2022, The YEA project graduated from a pilot phase to full implementation were Global Peace Chain Uganda now intends to directly inject a seed funding to the Farmer groups so as to turn them into a farmer saving groups were they can have financial access to accomplish farming plans hence a model of community development and a sustainable project model.

We intend partner with financial institutions and engage other local partner to have trainings and empower empowerment to the farmer groups.

Peace by Climate Action Award – Turkey
Based on the success of the Go Green Campaign, Global Peace Chain Uganda was recognized internationally as promoter of peace through climate action at the International Youth World Cup on SDG’s – an event organized by Global Peace Chain international and MAPs.

GPC Country Director was awarded as the overall first run up worldwide and continental winner of Peace by Climate Action category.

Support to the Innovation Hub (Host Hub)
With support Kind to the Host Hub, Global Peace Chain Uganda was able to achieve more in the area of innovation as the Hub was able to implement community based Tech for Tourism Exploration project which later on won a mini grant from Agar khan Foundation under the Covid Recovery Grand Scheme funded by European Union.

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