Help Treeman grow a Miyawaki forest in Tamil Nadu, India

Treeman Murali has been a huge inspiration for tree planting climate activists across the world.

With the World Treeman Game, his team from Tamil Nadu in India has been triggering people from the Philippines, Russia, France, Belgium, El Salvador, Germany, Uganda, Kenya, USA, Brazil and many other countries to plant trees.

Their strategy is a simple social media campaign. If you plant a tree and send them a picture with a tag, they’ll send you a picture back of a tree planted in your honour.

The greatest thing is that Treeman doesn’t speak a word of English. But that doesn’t stop him. Armed with Google translator he keeps on inspiring people across the globe to follow his lead. He surpasses language barriers to create environmental awareness.

A young woman in Belgium was so charmed that she shared Treeman’s story with radio host Peter Hoogland. Treeman made a wonderful drawing of him and he is yearning to make a portrait of at least the three most generous donators.

After inspiring hundreds of people, Treeman wants to take his mission to a next level. He wants to grow a Miyawaki forest and inspire others to do the same.

A Miyawaki forest is a tiny, highly biodiverse forest that can be grown on an area as small as a parking lot. This means you can grow it almost anywhere: in you garden, on you company terrain of that of you Church, Temple, Mosque or community organisation. In many ways the Miyawaki forest is one of the most simple solutions to regreen urban areas.

We at One World Tree Planting want to support him by raising the small amount of 200 € to realise his dream.

It would be awesome if you can help us out giving Treeman and his team this wonderful surprise.

That’s why we want to spread this fundraiser to the maximum. So please share it with your family and friends and in your larger network.

But there’s more! We want to make sure that Treeman’s mission gets the worldwide attention it deserves.

It would be awesome if you could use your network to contact local media, radio, news sites or even influencers and YouTubers to help spread his mission.

Let’s make this a wonderful journey and give Treeman the surprise he never expected.

Thank you so much and keep on planting!

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Sincerely yours,

Herman De Greve
Voluntary Coordinator One World Tree Planting


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