Help Miss Conservation Asiimwe plant trees this summer

As a young girl 23 year old Miss Conservation Asiimwe Mourine was already aware of the importance of nature.

Unfortunately as she grew up the forests in her area started disappearing. Global climate change worsens the situation of rural people in Kigezi district in Uganda 🇺🇬: prolonged drought, unpredictable heavy rainfall and soil erosion has pushed many farmers into poverty.

That’s why she vowed to plant as much trees as she can in her lifetime and help farmers implement agroforestry practices.

So far she managed to plant 2.300 trees all by herself.

With € 500 she can plant an additional 300 trees and educate her community.

Trees planted on your behalf will get you name tag!

Please help Asiimwe to reach this target!

Help Asiimwe plant 5 trees


Listen to the interview Miss Mourine Asiimwe gave to the Future Podcast.

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