One World Tree Planting:Peer-to-peer Climate Action Fund & Support Network

The last months #OneWorldTreePlanting has successfully fundraised a cargobike and solar panels for Stay Green in Uganda. 

Teaming up with practical climate activists from Uganda, we decided to raise the bar.

Our mission:

Establishing a voluntary Peer-to-peer Climate Action Fund & Support Network to help launch small climate action projects across the world. 

Think about planting biodiverse #forests, #agroforestry, restoring forests, #wetlands, savannahs and all other #ecosystems that are vital to our existence. 

It can also entail the development and promotion of affordable clean energy.

Inspired by the #Rainbow Warriors & the African #Ubuntu philosophy we acknowledge that in order to grow as humanity we should work as one.

Everyone can contribute with their own talents.

We started with four green projects in Uganda, but we’re looking forward to grow worldwide including projects from befriended practical climate activists from India, Pakistan, Ghana, Zambia, Tanzania, Indonesia, Mali & the Philippines. 

How can you support?

1. Donate via Gofundme, transfer or PayPal & help us fundraising.

2. Get personally involved in one of the projects & support them with your own experience, talents & skills to help it grow by: 

  • assisting our members linking with governments, international organisations, ecological movements and NGOs; 
  • filling in applications for grants and subsidies;
  • advising our projects in their transition towards social business: finding ways to generate their own income. 

3. Help us broaden & professionalize our network, finding ways to grow while keeping the personal peer-to-peer touch.

Our Rainbow Warriors are looking for cooperation with individuals and organisations that work on nature-based solutions for climate change to help scale up their efforts and grow towards a peer-to-peer support network for environmental conservation and climate adaptation. 

We are looking forward to collaborate with different interested Community Based Organizations, NGOs, local government bodies, private companies and individuals.

Donations are welcome through GoFundMe and


One World Tree Planting – BE97 7350 3682 7349 BIC/SWIFT KREDBEBB

or with PayPal

Support us with a donation

As we are a voluntary network, your gift will go directly to our climate action start-ups. Funds will be used for: * purchasing seedlings and planting material * training & capacity building * local awareness campaigns on climate adaptation


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