Practical Activists Wanted

Do you feel the that #climate #change & the loss of #biodiversity severely threaten our very existence?

Do you agree we can turn the tide & create a green future for our children?

Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone to make that difference?

Three times yes?

Then listen up!

Even though they are numerous green movements that fight for nature, small local projects tend to be left behind in their environmental struggle.

#OneWorldTreePlantingDay wants to change that!

CBO Stay Green planting trees with school kids.

We want grow to become a voluntary bottom-up platform that gives voice to small projects across the world that #restore #nature and/or aim for #ecological and #climate #justice.

This can be projects planting biodiverse #forests, #agroforestry, restoring forests, #wetlands, #savannahs and all other #ecosystems that are vital to our survival.

Inspired by the #African #Ubuntu philosophy we acknowledge that in order to grow as #humanity we should work as one.

Everyone can contribute with their own talents.

In our first  project we helped Stay Green to fetch a #treecycle #cargobike to transport 10.000 tree seedlings during the #Corona #Lockdown in Uganda.

Ronald Mutabazi from Stay Green in Uganda transporting tree seedlings with the Cargobike

Now, with the “Let-It-Grow” campaign we want to pitch  a project every week and actively seek support to get the project off the ground.

How can you get involved?

1. By keeping the story alive on Social Media with digital storytelling & updates on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, …

2. By actively seeking support to help the project grow in how to attract funding, establishing a social business model, sharing expertise on ecosystem restoration techniques, …

3. By connecting small projects with eachother and with other movements that fight for nature, and thereby creating synergies.

4. By setting up online meetings around a specific theme to exchange experiences and create mutual support.

5. By building up strategies to grow as a platform.

Want to join build a global movement of practical activists that restore our planet?

Leave us a message via email or via the message button on our Facebook page.

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