Call Let-it-Grow Campaign

2020 has already put us to the test: climate change, the destruction of earth’s biodiversity, COVID19, #BlackLivesMatter are raging throughout the world.

And for a good reason. It learns us that the ways we treat eachother and our environment are unsustainable and will eventually lead to global collapse.

With consciousness comes action. People across the planet are taking initiatives to create positive change.

Native American prophecies tell us that when the earth is ravaged, a new tribe of all colours & creeds will arise to restore our planet: “the Rainbow Warriors“.

Whether a myth or not, this is a very powerful inspiration. It has influenced ecological movements like Greenpeace to start non-violent protests against earth pollution and inspired other to dream of an harmonious future.

With #OneWorldTreePlantingDay we share this dream.

We want to give voice to small projects across the world that restore nature and/or aim for ecological and climate justice and help get them launched.

Planting 10.000 trees. Ronald Mutabazi from environmental CBO Stay Green in Mubende, Uganda.

This can be planting biodiverse #forests, #agroforestry, restoring forests, #wetlands, savannahs and all other #ecosystems that are vital to our existence. It can also entail the development and promotion of affordable clean energy.

With the Greening Schools project Stay Green is planting trees & educating kids about climate & biodiversity. Due to COVID19 they are in need of a solar panel system worth to let the kids follow the Ugandan distance learning program on TV.

That’s why we are launching the “Let it grow” campaign for you to reach out, connect and support.

Inspired by the #RainbowWarriors & the African #Ubuntu philosophy we acknowledge that in order to grow as humanity we should work as one.

Everyone can contribute with their own talents.

Ronald Onyang is a climate activist who’s story tells like a movie. Having felt how climate change directly affected his life and that of his beloved ones he is campaigning for climate positive investments & developing a cheap clean energy generation system with his friend Leslie Peter Omara.

As we learn that in 50 years 1 billion people will live in places that are unliveable, it’s time to level up our actions.

Here’s the call:

• Make a short video and tell us your story.
• Explain your project and how it is connected to restoring #biodiversity, planting trees and #climate change adaptation, and how these efforts empower communities.
• Tell us about the challenges you face during the Covid19 Crisis
• And tell us what kind of support you need and/or you can give to others.

We share your story to create a buzz around your project and involve supporters to exchange ideas how to help you grow.

At the same time we want to ask you to use your talents, network & experiences to share & support other green projects.

And we invite you to get personally involved in one of the initiatives: help them start up, get funding and/or connect with movements with the same mission.

In this way we’ll create a growing global peer-to-peer support network restoring Mother Earth. A network of #RainbowWarriors.

Treeman Murali from Tamil Nadu inspiring the world to plant trees with the #worldtreemangame

Keep on making a difference and reach out!

Please send your story & video to us with the messenger button on our Facebook page.

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