Help Stay Green plant 10.000 Trees in Uganda


Meet Ronald Mutabazi, a young environmental hero from Uganda. Ronald decided to become a climate activist back in 2013 after experiencing the effects of seasonal change, i.e. prolonged droughts and floods, on the farmers in his community.
As a young single father his ambition is to give his 5 year old daughter and all the kids in his community a prosperous and green future. 

His team at Stay Green received approval for 10.000 seedlings to plant trees for their “Greening My School 2020 Project” in Mubende district in Uganda! 

Stay Green will plant the seedlings in school compounds of primary and secondary schools in Mubende district. 

But why work with schools? 

As Ronald states: “We believe that students are the new generation, so we work with the schools to educate them about nature and advocate  for climate justice. We plant species that can last for long, like opinus oocarp, afzeria Africa, Maesopsis eminii and cardia Africa.”


For the Greening My School 2020 Project, Ronald needs your help to raise € 350 to purchase the 10.000 tree seedlings.

The Mubende District Local Government already vowed to help transport the seedlings to the different schools. Also, the National Forest Authority donates a surplus of small trees to plant on the school compounds. 

As everything is set up, we can help Ronald and Stay Green to get this done! 
Let’s do this! 

Please help us to raise € 350 by International Forests Day on March 21.

With only two weeks to go, you can help maximise our efforts in raising support among your friends and family.
Climate change will ultimately affect us all: We’re in this together!

So let’s work together and help make 10.000 trees grow! 


A little background:

Back in 2013 when he was still a student Ronald started with a simple tree planting campaign. His continuous efforts led to the establishment of Stay Green: a Community Based Organization (CBO) based in Mubende.

Stay Green conducts AIDS counseling, climate activism, environmental conservation, including soil and water conservation, waste management and engages in environmental training for kids in their local community. 

Stay Green is always looking for cooperation with individuals and organisations that work on nature-based solutions for climate change to help scale up their efforts and grow towards a leading NGO in environmental conservation and climate adaptation. 

Please leave us a message if you would like to connect.

Support Stay Green, and share their story!


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