The Great Green Pacific Wall

The #GreatGreenWall in Africa is one of the most amazing endeavours in pushing back desertification in the Sahel region.

Why not build a momentum around a #Great GreenPacificWall: a wall of #mangroves surrounding the Philippines and Pacific Islands as protection to the rising sea level?

Reforesting the coasts can create opportunities for #biodiversity, #agroforestry and  regenerative agriculture. Think about sustainable shrimp farms, fishing ponds even growing rice in salt water protected by surrounded mangrove trees.

Super Typhoon Haiyan learned us that those areas that where protected by mangroves were less impacted.

The Pacific Islands and the Philippines are in the frontline of when it comes to the distastrous effects of climate change.

In our battle against these effects, people need symbolic action. The Great Green Pacific Wall can be such a symbol: one of biodiversity, ecosystem based solutions for climate adaptation and climate mitigation and most of all protection of the Filipino people.

Wouldn’t it be a great idea to create a movement to mobilise global political action, public and private investment to get this done?

Suyak Island

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